Next Generation DevOps


We pride ourselves in being widely diverse in our areas of expertise. Here are a few of our focuses:


Docker is a Linux container engine. Arcus provides deployment and support services for public and private implementations.

We also provide training for all components including container management, building and maintaining images, managing private registries and more.


We are RedHat certified and provide everything from architectural design to full 24/7 production support. We also provide the same for other distributions including Debian and Ubuntu.


We provide software development services in a variety of languages with an emphasis on Python but also including Go and Java.


Configuration management is an important key to success. We utilize the Puppet configuration management suite to keep things in sync and know when they are not.

Open Source

We love Open Source. Not only do we prefer to implement solutions using Open Source software, but we also open source almost everything we do. Visit our Github organization to see our commitment back to the community.

Arcus was founded on the idea that IT services are changing. We are a seasoned team of engineers with a diverse background in IT operations and software development. We focus on leveraging value from the Cloud and automation to create solutions rapidly on a small or large scale. Our goal is to fundamentally change IT operations for our Clients’ applications to a competitive advantage.

Arcus, Inc.
4000 W. 106 St. Ste 109
Carmel, IN 46032